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Micaiah Behailu

Micaiah Behailu

Micaiah Behailu was born on May 30, 1977 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She earned a B.A Degree in Ethiopian Language Literature and Culture Communication.

Micaiah says: “my parents told me that i use to bounce with joy on my nanny’s back listening to music when i was just an infant.” Obviously, her passion for music was conceived back then.

At kindergarten age, she remembers having a small guitar that her father bought her. Who knows the role that guitar has played? Back then, she was known for singing songs from other local signers at Bethlehem public school where she enjoyed her education from kindergarten to elementary classes (1982-89 G. C). She started writing songs when she was in high scool form 1990-1994 G.C. Though in 1995 and a year later she tried to launch her first album on her own, she failed to do so due to lack of finance and experience.

Starting 1998 G.C, she worked full time and was attending night classes at Addis Ababa University for the next seven years. But Micaiah never stoped singing. Micaiah says: “I’am addicted to music.” After a long journey, in April 2007 she released her first album entitled “Shemametew”. It comprises eleven numbers. Eight of them are writen by her and the other three in collaboration with her producer Elias Melka.