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Tsehay Yohannes

Tsehay Yohannes was born in Ethiopia in 1961. At the tender age of two, Tsehay had already began to talk and subsequently showed his real talent when he learned to sing at the same age. He grew up near the ‘Kebur Zebegna’ camp where at the age of 14 his real talent blossomed, as he sang ‘Berta Zemede’. This song was a tribute to the unforgettable ‘Edeget Beheberet Zemecha’ which was aimed at eradicating illiteracy during the early 1976s. This song also continued to encourage other literacy drives during the 1970s including ‘Manbebena Mestaf’ and the ‘Meseret temehert ‘movement that many of us from that period surely remember.

These were important steps in Tsehay’s maturity as a musician as he used these movements as the stepping stones to his first album, ‘Tey Munit’ that was released in 1974 and his follow up ‘Finchetwa’ that was released the year after. During these early times Tsehay was renowned for his upbeat and high tempo song ‘YAZ YAZ, SAB SAM’ that proved highly popular amongst Ethiopians.

However he continued his infectious musical career by displaying his lyrical versatility with numerous motivational songs that demonstrated that he cared for his people and shared in their plight. This included ‘Tebale Ende’ and ‘Man endager’ that challenged the social and political stereotypes that existed in Ethiopia during the 1980s.

Tsehay has continued his successful career by also highlighting the variety of cultures within Ethiopia and his love for the diversity of his country. He also sings about the beauty and power of love as well as highlighting the important role that culture and tradition have in forming the social values and principles of many of his countrymen and women. Throughout his career he has continued to delight his fans and is sure to do the same with his latest album, ‘Sakilign’.

‘Sakilgne’ is set to astound fans of Tsehay with a new style of music, however his customary vocal ability should again remind them of why they love and adore him. His latest album, entitled ‘Sakligne’, has been in production for a number of years and it will excite fans with its blend of traditional and western musical principles.